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‘Am back in Ireland still ringing with the weekend of fine fine energy and sweet thundering Grace! So lovely to receive such deep healing and clearing with soo much gentleness. Thank you Sarah, so so much!’
Yasia Leiserach, Voice Movement facilitator at


‘Magical Weekend
Lovely Sarah, Thank you thank you thank you for such a beautiful weekend of gentle but oh so powerful deep medicine. The Divine Feminine in all her Grace, Beauty and Fierce Love!

I am still in an Awe some, wonder Full bath of a very grounded our chants, prayers and blessing follow me throughout the day.

I am, today, finding that path between the worlds, where both exist together. Where the Temple and the Market Place are not Two..

So, a huge shift in my Being
And a voice of longing filled.
Much much love

Susie Andrew, Shamanic Practitioner
‘The Medicine Singing Weekend with Sarah touched and opened the deepest parts of my heart and being. Such a gift that I wish us to integrate into our communities and lives for, without doubt, benefit to all beings’
Maria Barnicoat
‘Thank you for a blissful weekend, for holding the space so lovingly, and enabling us all to come together and embrace our individual and collective voice. Love Steph’
Stephanie Kitchener


‘Hi Sarah….here is a ‘little’ reflection post workshop. Thank you again…it’s all still working big style…what a supportive holding field these songs are and so full of joy connection and healing for me and all relations…precious, thank you. Ha! that might be enough of a comment, however I also wrote this earlier…so here we are. Have a lovely day!:

The rainbow path that includes, welcomes and can even celebrate the full rainbow of human experience. The workshop was held with a lot of subtle and fine energy. I felt a lot of feminine gentleness, ease and equanimous full hearted warmth and kindness in the holding: compassionate disengagement in keeping with a useful teaching on the workshop. Yet with this fine gentle loving holding, rich deep healing moves through within and around the work. The mystery and joy of the work.

I find since the workshop I am more attuned to the globality of sound around, especially the collective moving one song of nature. The quality of my listening has become more subtle and acute, and there is a joy in this, and more of a sense of subtle conversation with the natural wonderful world we are so privileged to land in. The power of stepping into interconnectedness wonderfully through sound. Through voice I can step down into the participation and non separateness with all life, when I do this my unique contribution to life naturally emerges. As a friend said ‘the voice doesn’t lie’. On the voice I can travel to heart, my heart and this world heart and sing in oneness with all things: there is no greater joy.

I have found myself singing each day since the workshop, simply as it is a joy to, and there is in addition a curious power and medicine that happens within it, carrying healing intentions and contributions that work to lighten and heal the body-mind that is both ‘mine’ and that which is interconnected with all our relations. Thank you for this joyous, deep and healing piece of my medicine and path.’

Naomi West, Core Process Psychotherapist and founder at Arts in Mindfulness