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Group Singing Training See all Events

MEDICINE SINGER 1 2022/23 Becoming the Medicine Singer Sunday Sept.25th 2022-May 28th 2023, Online, Contact me
PATH OF THE MEDICINE SINGER 2 'Offering the Jewel'
Saturday Sept. 24 2022-May 27 2023 'The path continues'

One to One For Singers

  • MEDICINE SINGER One to One Programme for Singers & Healers
  • SINGING, VISIONING & BECOMING YOUR PATH 3 day One to One Residential Retreat

Music Recordings

'Om Ah Hung' White Tara CD by Sarah Patterson with Eileen OʼSullivan, Gabriella Strumpel, Daniel Brucker et al

'Loves Vibrations' Songs from Nanditaʼs Dream CD by Sarah Patterson featuring Sheema Mukherjee, Black Umfolosi, Sura Susso, Lawrence Kelson, Rainbow Children.

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